Global Jukebox

Anna L. Wood: Creative Director; Anthropologist
Gideon D’Arcangelo: Consulting Executive Producer
Victor Grauer: Co-developer, Cantometrics; Project Advisor
Forrestine Paulay: Co-developer, Choreometrics; Director, Choreometrics
Michael Flory: Research Design & Data Analysis
John Szinger: Data Visualization Design/Front-end Software Development
Karen Claman: Research Associate; Coordinator, Cantometrics, Data & Media Samples
Kathleen Rivera: Research Associate; Data Coordinator & Specialist, Choreometrics
Jorge Arèvalo Mateus: Executive Director, ACE; Academic Coordinator, Ethnomusicologist
Kiki Smith-Archiapatti: Additional Web Design/Site Maintenance/DMCA Agent
Martin Szinger: Front-end & Back-end Software Development
Jeffrey Greenberg, Meister, Selig, and Fein: Legal Affairs
Katherine E. Lewis, Meister, Selig, and Fein: Digital Copyright; Legal Notices
Learning: Patricia Campbell (U. of Washington); Michael Tenzer (U. British Columbia, Vancouver); Anna L. Wood
Journeys: Judith R. Cohen, Geoffrey Clarfield, Victor Grauer, Mark Slobin, Philip Yampolsky, Lamont Pearly, Sr., Kathleen Rivera
Songs of Earth: Alan Lomax, Roswell Rudd; Cantometrics Coding Book: Alan Lomax & Victor Grauer; Introduction: Robert Garfias: New Edition: Karen Claman, Victor Grauer, Anna L. Wood
Lilian Caruana: Culture Summaries
Susan Wiesner, Bertram Lyons: Data Management Planning; Data Modeling; User Functions
Nick Hasty: Database & Back-end Software Development
Steve Rosenthal: Sound Supervision, The Magic Shop NYC
Don Fleming: Permissions
Howard Wuelfing: Public Relations
Jeff Feddersen: Original Data Visualization Design and Development
Richard Smith: Data Recovery/Back-end Software Development
Eric Gorman: Sound Engineer, The Magic Shop NYC
Tim Good: Special Research
Interns: Jacques Boudreau, Ray Dweck, Ariel Marx, Isabel Parkay; Nicholas Wen

Global Jukebox Advisory Board

Dance: Jody Gottfried Arnhold, Ann Biddle, Karen Kohn Bradley, Frederick Curry, Joan Finkelstein, Meriam Lobel, Onye Ozuzu, Miriam Philips, Allegra Fuller Snyder, Susan Wiesner Music: Patricia Campbell, Todd Harvey, Bruno Nettl, Anthony Seeger, Michael Tenzer, Laurence Witzleben, Philip Yampolsky At Large: Herbert Sturz (Senior Advisor, Open Society Institute), Jane Anderson, James Francis, Michael Naimark


A Chairman’s Grant from the NEH in 2010 made possible the salvage and conversion of the data and code. Thenceforth we have thankfully relied upon funding from the Concordia Foundation and the Rock Foundation year after year, as well as from Edmund R. Wood, Odyssey Productions, and ACE operating funds. In 2014, we received generous support from 364 donors to a Kickstarter campaign. Without Rock and Concordia, however, the Jukebox could not have seen the light of day.

We remain immensely grateful to Hunter College of the City University of New York for its ongoing support of ACE and the Global Jukebox.

Special Thanks

The Jukebox team made this website possible: Karen Claman, Kathleen Rivera, Kiki Smith, John Szinger, Michael Flory, Forrestine Paulay, Gideon D'Arangelo, Jorge Arevalo Mateus, Don Fleming, Rich Smith, Victor Grauer, Martin Szinger, Steve Rosenthal, Howard Wuelfing.

Expressive Style Research — Historic Team

From 1960-95 Alan Lomax and an interdisciplinary team spearheaded cross-cultural research on singing, dancing, and speaking as formalized codifications of human expressivity and experience. The distinguished anthropologist, Conrad M. Arensberg played a leading role in shaping the project and was Co-Principal Investigator with Alan Lomax. Ethnomusicologist Victor Grauer developed the Cantometrics coding system with Alan and collaborated with him during the early years of the project. Forrestine Paulay was Alan’s collaborator on Choreometrics, a method for analyzing movement across cultures. Programmer and statistician Norman Berkowitz worked on the original data analysis. Programmer Michael Del Rio was instrumental in developing the Global Jukebox prototype. Other staff included Laban movement authority, Irmgard Bartinieff; ethno-choreologist Allison Jablonko; musicologists Robert Garfias, Andrew Kaye, and Robert Abramson; linguists Edith Trager Johnson, Fred C. Peng, and Norman Markel; anthropologists Barbara Ayres, Edwin E. Erikson, Stephanie Krebs, and Joan Halifax; folklorists Bess Lomax Hawes and Ethel Raim; Gideon D’Arcangelo and Carol Kulig, production and editorial support; Roswell Rudd, Cantometric analysis and song selection; Mariam Lobel and Ann Biddle, dance analysis.

Advisors and contributors to the project included Margaret Mead and Raymond Birdwhistell; psychoanalyst and voice analyst Paul Moses; anthropologists Herbert Barry, III, Walter Goldschmidt, George P. Murdock, Raoul Naroll, and Kenneth Peacock; sociologist Stanley H. Udy; ethnomusicologists Gilbert Rouget and Jeff Titon; ethnographic filmmakers John Marshall, Ann Chapman, John Cohen, and Jorge Preloran; otolaryngologist Godfrey Arnold; speech scientist Theodore D. Hanley; and M. I. Cohen, specialist in human respiratory cycles. Countless pioneering ethnographers and conserving institutions, credited herein, lent their priceless documents of human culture to the project. The original research was administered by Columbia University followed by Hunter College, and supported by the National Institutes of Mental Health, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Science Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Apple Corporation, the Rex Foundation and Avid Technology, Inc.


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